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Ticaboo Utility Improvement District

(f.k.a.Ticaboo Electric Improvement District (TEID) & Ticaboo Special Service District (TSSD))

The Ticaboo Electric Improvement District (TEID) was created in October 2009 as an independent local improvement district under Section 17B-2-301 of the Utah Code Annotated ("UCA")(2009), by petition of the registered voters within the District to the County Commission of Garfield County, Utah, to provide the generation, distribution and sale of electricity. The District is a political subdivision and operates as an improvement district in accordance with Title 17B, Chapter 2a, Part 4 of the Utah Code (2009) and a local district in accordance with Title 17B, Chapter 1 of the Utah Code (2009). The District is a public utility subject to the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission (except the District is not subject to UCA§ 54-7-12). The District has received a certificate of public convenience and necessity from the Utah Public Service Commission to provide electricity within the District's boundaries.

The Ticaboo Special Service District (TSSD) was created by the Garfield County Commissioners in 1978 as a special district providing water, sewer, and garbage services to the residents and customers of Ticaboo.

On August 13, 2012, all assets and services of TSSD were transferred to TEID.  Effective March 25, 2013, a Notice was filed by Garfield County with the Utah Lieutenant Governor's Office dissolving TSSD.

Effective March 25, 2013, TEID officially changed its name to Ticaboo Utility Improvement District (TUID) and proudly provides public Power, Water, Wastewater, and Solid Waste Management services to its consumers within our area.